Photo of a Maxwell House coffee house full of paintbrushes in various sizes.
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Story by Spencer Jansen

Little Rock, AR

Nunaw was what I called my grandmother on my mom’s side. I spent countless hours at her kitchen table playing cards, watching hummingbirds, and eating bowls of gumbo, but these brushes may have had the greatest impact on me as they led me to where I am today.

Nunaw was an avid painter and taught me how to paint at a young age. Through her brushes, she instilled in me a love for the arts. Soon after those first summer lessons in Louisiana, I was enrolled in classes at AMFA which fueled my passion even more resulting in a degree in Fine Arts years later. Not long after graduating, Nunaw passed away and my grandfather gave me the coffee can.

Every time I look at these brushes, I know Nunaw is smiling and waiting for me to get the courage to pick up her brushes and continue her legacy.

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