Photo of an antique red convertible with the top down parked on a beach with the ocean in the background.
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Story by Kyle Leyenberger

Little Rock, AR

My father and his twin brother built this ’56 Vette during a summer break from college. In the 50 years since they’ve driven the fiberglass convertible cross country and to the top of Pike’s Peak, totaled it, rebuilt it, and used it to keep our families connected.

Every other year, my dad or his brother (along with either me, a sibling, or a cousin) would drive the car between Arkansas and Pennsylvania where it would live until the next road trip. I’ve spent many an hour in the garage with pops working on tune-ups or transmissions, and this year after a quick carburetor swap, my brother and I hightailed it to the tip of Venice, Florida, where I snapped this pic.


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