Photo of a hand holding a handwritten list on an sheet of Edward Jones notepad paper.
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Story by Cade Bethea

Little Rock, AR

Attached to my Christmas gift in 2021 from Madison was a copy of a handwritten note from her Dad’s classic Edward Jones notepad. Then, today, of all days, I sat down for some quiet time on the first Monday of the year to organize my thoughts and wishes for 2022… there it was.

While unpacking, it fell from a book, where I had placed it in my hurry over the holidays.

I had difficulty developing my resolutions this year. The OCD part of me likes a detailed list. The other wants the simply achievable. Long story short: I may have reflected a little too hard, leaving me a little lost in the 2022 intentions department.

And just like that…on his first anniversary in heaven, Mr. Allen Homra stopped by and gave me my 2022 Goals, pictured here.

*written on January 3, 2022*


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