Photo of a long necklace bearing nine charms in the shape of people and one charm in the shape of a dog.
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Story by Anonymous

Little Rock, AR

This necklace belonged to my grandmother. Each figure on the chain represents a son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, and pet in her family. It holds a lot of meaning to me, seeing all the family members, side by side. It shows her pride and concern for each one of us.

I was never very close to her while she was alive. To be honest, I was scared of her no-nonsense attitude and serious demeanor. But after her death, I realized how much she cared.

She kept photos of us in her house, she brought me toys whenever she came to visit. She kept a necklace — one charm for each of us. I wish I hadn’t taken her for granted, but I know now how much she cared.


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