Photo of silver metal trivet in the shape of a flattened fork, knife, and spoon on top of a blue apron that reads Fun Food Fact: I can't cook.
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Story by Leon Robertson

Little Rock, AR

This apron and the trivet are the first gifts my husband and I gave to each other 23 years ago. I loved to cook, so he purchased this apron for me. He had a beautiful dining table and I wanted to protect it when I made my “fancy meals”, so I bought him the trivet. He asked, “Why is it called a trivet?” I replied with, “Because all the other words were taken.”

This pretty much symbolizes our history together… One full of witty remarks, great meals, and even better company. The trivet has been used with every meal at the dinner table, and I wear this apron every time I cook. Tying it on is like a hug from him.

When I have new friends come over for a meal, I look forward to seeing their expression when I open the door wearing it. I really can cook.


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