Photo of pearl earrings in a gold starburst setting sitting on top of a yellow velvet box.
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Story by Mandy Richardson

Little Rock, AR

Countless hours were spent at my grandparents’ house growing up. While my siblings played outside, I always gravitated to my grandma’s bedroom. She would sit at the end of her bed while I adoringly tried on her high heels and pulled out her matching purses, then made my way to her jewelry armoire.

I loved looking at her necklaces, touching each ring, and trying on her clip-on earrings. When she would carefully clip them on my earlobes, I was instantly transformed into a glamorous movie star.

I selected a few of my favorite earrings from that armoire to keep with me forever after Grandma passed away. Today, those beautiful earrings patiently wait for me to play dress up, living inside a silk-lined, yellow velvet jewelry box previously owned by another former lover of jewelry – my husband’s grandmother.

Many memories and much love to Grandma Katie & Boo Boo.


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