Photo of a tape measure wrapped up by a thin piece of black wiring.
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Story by Heather Hignite

Little Rock, AR

My father grew giant pumpkins as a hobby. The pumpkins he grew were Atlantic Giants and would weigh 1,000 to 1,300 pounds. In order to estimate how much a pumpkin weighed, he would use his Giant Pumpkin Weight Estimation Tape Measure.

This tape measure is 16 feet long (192 inches). Circumference weight estimates are printed right on the tape, along with inches, from 50 inches (42 pounds) to 192 inches (1,420 pounds).

He used the tape measure on his largest pumpkin to get an estimated weight of 1,300 pounds. When the pumpkin was weighed in competition, it weighed 1,356 pounds.

My father passed away four and a half years ago, but I have the tape measure displayed with some other items from him. I also continue to follow the world of giant pumpkins and was happy to see a new world record pumpkin was weighed in Half Moon Bay on October 9, 2023 – 2,749 pounds!


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