Photo of a silver bracelet with heart charms lying on a rug.
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Story by Rebecca Miller

Benton, AR

One day, my friends asked me to share the story of my grandmother’s friendship bracelet that I was wearing.

In the past, it was a trend to exchange hearts of various styles. Some are engraved with names or initials. They may contain gemstones or enameled symbols. Some are gold, while others are silver. All found their way to this beautiful bracelet through friendship.

She loved people and seldom missed an opportunity to help others. I often witnessed this as a child. She had a real heart for people, and led a life that one could only hope to exemplify.

I still wear the beautiful bracelet to honor her extraordinary life. She remains a role model for me.

As I shared the stories of her life and the value of friendships, the hearts on my wrist jingled in unison.


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