Photo of a small black wallet with a silver Chanel emblem.
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Story by Anonymous

North Little Rock, AR

Wallet: this item is one you will find in a lot of smartphones today. What does it mean?

Does it mean in today’s world, you can only have virtual items with useful purposes, but no personal feelings? This wallet is a special item that has a huge personal feeling and a long story.

It was designed by one of the most famous designers (CHANEL) and represents a French icon of the finest Haute Couture. It was owned by my mother, who loves nice designer items. As I was moving to Little Rock, I wanted to bring with me something that reminded me of where I come from and who I love and might miss time-to-time.

So yes, nothing to do with a useful purpose, but at least this object has more than one useful purpose and carries such good feelings.

Here is a question for those of you who think a wallet is only virtual: do we always have to reduce all items to a virtual meaning? This wallet reminds me that sometimes it is important to keep some items and not try to eliminate them. It doesn’t always take up the room that we think it does…

My pretty wallet, you still have a long life ahead of you. You were created in the 1960s, and are still so fancy.


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