Photo of an antique black viewfinder and a handmade kaleidoscope.
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Story by Susan Robbins

Little Rock, AR

I have two objects that I inherited from my parents. One is a 1940s-era Bakelite viewfinder with a reel of California sights.

I imagine my mom as a little girl in South Arkansas dreaming of someday seeing those palm trees. She might have imagined she was right there in Hollywood. Like the viewfinder, my mom appreciated the beauty she saw every day right in front of her—her family and friends.

The other object is a handmade kaleidoscope given to my dad in his adult life. When held to the light, the mirrors reflect beautiful colors and patterns. My dad was someone who appreciated the beauty of diversity like the colors and patterns seen in the kaleidoscopic view.

I appreciate these objects and how they remind me to always look for beauty in the world.


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