Photo of a small turtle-shaped box sitting next to a small yellow rabbit figurine and a small white mouse figurine.
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Story by Kelly Lessel

Little Rock, AR

My Nana lived in a small apartment. She didn’t have a lot of belongings, but her home transported me into a safe place of love and creativity where I was the center of her world.

I used to spend entire weekends at her place sewing whatever project I decided sounded fun, eating eggs for breakfast, and baking one huge cookie with the dough for an entire batch. I loved my Nana.

This little turtle box was always one of my favorite things to find in her apartment. I would pick it up, feel the bumps, and look inside. One day I also found this mouse and rabbit. I put them inside and that’s where I found them every visit after. Today, the sight and feel of this box takes me back, and I smile when I open it.

My Nana made the world a better place. Now it’s my turn.


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