Photo of a box of small Transformer toys on a wooden tabletop surface.
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Story by Anonymous

Little Rock, AR

These are the Constructicons. They are each individual Transformers that combine to become one giant Transformer. Pretty dang cool.

When we were five, my best friend and I got in a fight over these that lasted almost ten years. Fifteen years after that reconciliation, he gave me this set for being the best man at his wedding.

Now, fifteen years after that wedding, we live in different cities, see each other once, maybe twice a year, and maybe catch up on the phone every few months or so. To be honest, we have a pretty surface understanding of each other’s current lives.

I keep these Constructicons in a trunk I never open. But I know exactly where they are and we’re still best friends. We still know what makes each other tick, we’ll never need to engage in small talk, and like the Presidency, some titles are permanent.


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