Photo of a silver ring with a pearl setting.
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Story by Suzanne Rogers

Little Rock, AR

My father, a young officer far from home, found solace in a tiny pearl shop. His thoughts were of the love of his life, my mother. With limited resources but boundless love, he selected a delicate pearl ring, its lustrous beauty mirroring her perfection in his eyes.

He carefully mailed the ring, enclosed in a simple, heartfelt letter. When my mother received the package, tears welled in her eyes. The pearl’s ethereal glow was a testament to his unwavering affection, transcending the miles that separated them.

Throughout their enduring love story, the pearl ring remains a cherished symbol of their enduring bond, a reminder that even in the midst of war, love’s beauty could shine through. To this day, it’s a precious heirloom, a symbol of a love that weathered the storms of life, and a testament to my father’s enduring love for my mother.


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