Photo of a white AirPods case on wooden tabletop surface.
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Story by Vince Smith

Little Rock, AR

These AirPods that I got for Christmas were my most anticipated gift ever. I used to have some when I was in the eighth grade, but I lost them. I lost them because of this girl that I was head over heels for. She was the sweetest most energetic girl that I ever met.

I was always scared to tell her how I felt because of my pride. One day at lunch, we were playing, but I didn’t realize that the AirPods had fallen out of my pocket.

She felt really bad about what happened and went outside with me to look for them. She begged and pleaded to pay for them.

A year later, I got a present in the mail from the girl with a letter expressing her feelings to me, and under the letter was a brand new pair of Airpods with my name on it.


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