Photo of a small blue dreamcatcher with blue feathers.
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Story by Anonymous

Little Rock, AR

When I was a little girl, my mother made me and my sister a dream catcher.

After that, once a week we would go on walks together and pick up bird feathers, such as cardinal, bluejay, duck, and even once a hawk feather. Then we would get a string and hang it on our dream catcher.

A year later, my sister and I went into foster care, and another year later we got adopted. We never got our dream catcher.

One day, my adoptive parents brought home this little blue dream catcher. It brought back memories of the walks me and my sister would take with my mother. So I easily agreed to keep it.

The dream catcher holds a special place in my heart, bringing up bitter-sweet memories, reminding me of all the treasure hunts I had looking for feathers, and staring up at a swaying catcher in the darkness.


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