Photo of a stuffed orangutan.
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Story by Lucy Coon

Little Rock, AR

As I grow up, I find myself searching for opportunities to reconnect with my inner child and revisit the nostalgia I had as a young girl. Sometimes it’s hard to push through life’s difficulties, and as I get more mature I realize more and more how much I value humor and playfulness in daily life. The stuffed animal pictured here is an example of this!

Orange Juice the orangutan is a stuffed animal that my English teacher lets me hold, hug, and share with friends during class. This small act of kindness and silliness actually helps to relieve stress that is a product of being in high school, and because of this English class is a relaxing intermission during my anxiety-filled school day.

This goes to show that even when life is hard, there will often be a golden element to it that can cheer you up and encourage you.


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