Photo of a card box box filled with moldy books.
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Story by Lo Patt

Little Rock, AR

This box contained 25 sketch books I had completed and carried with me from high school, to college, through my degree in Studio Art and beyond. They marked the beginning of my art making career, my love for journaling, collage, free doodle, and lots of self discovery.

I kept all of these memories stored away in this box, until my apartment flooded in December of 2022. The flood meant a new apartment and I brought this sealed box with me, not thinking about how the items inside were effected.

After moving, I began unpacking and saw all of the journals I preciously cared for over the years, covered in mold and unrepairable damage. These objects meant a lot to me, marking my art journey, new questions crept in.

How would I replace their value? What could I make in their absence? Hold on to a lost cause, or make anew?


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