Photo of a pink conch shell.
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Story by Anonymous

Little Rock, AR

This conch shell was given to my younger brother and me after my parents went on a trip to the Bahamas. My parents gave us each our own, and although they were the same type of shell, each had its own unique characteristics.

My parents told us about the interesting use of this shell. Apparently, it once held a snail inside, providing a safe place to hide. Sadly, the snail would be taken out to be eaten later.

It can also be used as a noisemaker; when blown into, it creates a trumpet-like sound (which is quite loud). This became something that my younger brother and I were fond of (mainly because we could blow into it).

It is one of my treasured items because of its unique qualities and eye-catching colors. I’m thankful that my parents brought this home and for the memories (and I haven’t broken it).


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