Photo of a black t-shirt with three men and the words Impractical Jokers on the front.
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Story by Ethan Robbins

Little Rock, AR

Last year around my birthday, I had COVID pretty bad. I almost had to go to the hospital.

Later that day, my dad turned on the TV and it had been so long since we turned it on. I watched a show called Impractical Jokers. The whole time the TV was on, I was laughing so loud my parents heard me and didn’t know what they heard because I had been sick for so long.

On my birthday, I got tickets to see the Impractical Jokers live in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry in the summer. I was so shocked. I knew then I had to get better or I couldn’t go.

After the show at the Grand Ole Opry, my dad bought me a shirt and I knew that that would be my trophy for overcoming COVID and healing.


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