Photo of a large off-white stone on a colorful towel.
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Story by Blakely Campbell

Little Rock, AR

I have many fond memories of spending my summers in Northern Michigan. Our favorite beach in the area is Petoskey State Park.

Most days, my family and I would explore the sand dunes or swim in the blue water. Beyond the towering sand dunes, the beach is known for its unique stones called Petoskey stones, which are fossilized coral. The stones have a very unusual pattern and become even more brilliant when dipped in the lake.

Finding one always felt special – especially when they were very large. Each summer I would choose a few precious stones to take with me as reminders of the carefree days with my family.

Now that I’m older, Petoskey stones have become a symbol of joy. Many are present in my home, including this rather rare and large one. For me, Petoskey stones are relics of languid times that I will always cherish.


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