Photo of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Cookbook.
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Story by Rachel Burton

Little Rock, AR

Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Cookbook was my first cookbook.

In the fourth grade, I baked my first cakes using Donald Duck’s nephews’ Bake-a-Cake recipe (see page 18, now stained and crusted with aged cake batter.) “When Donald’s nephews need a cake for a birthday or a party, or just when they feel like eating one, they start out with this recipe.” I connected with these young ducks.

Following this was the Mad Hatter’s Un-Birthday Cake recipe which taught me that “un-birthday parties are much better than birthday parties because you can have lots more of them.” This cake was made to celebrate your un-birthday “which comes 364 times a year!” Decoration and presentation of the cake was completed by Step 4: “Stick in as many birthday candles as you want (you can be any age on your un-birthday).”

I still love cookbooks and celebrating any day with cake.


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