Photo of a round food dish next to a cutting board inscribed with a recipe.
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Story by Alysia Carter

Scott, AR

What started as a simple Christmas dessert, became a beloved tradition.

Mom innocently brought Watergate Salad to our family Christmas gathering and sparked a friendly feud between my sister-in-law and me. Over the years, it progressed from us each trying to get the first serving to us “fighting” over the last serving. Now, we just show up with to-go containers that we fill up before anyone else can get to it.

When we found out Mom has cancer, we asked for her to hand-write the recipe for us so that we can continue the tradition. My sister-in-law had her recipe turned into a cutting board for me. It is just a dessert, recipe cards and a cutting board – but they represent our fun and loving family and so many treasured memories.


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