Photo of a silver baseball paperweight.
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Story by Carroll Posey

Benton, AR

A silver baseball paperweight in my office reminds me of choices. What might have been. What could be.

I loved baseball. I still do.

During one fateful Little League game, I bent down to scoop up a grounder. The ball popped up and hit me in the nose. Pain and blood ensued. I remember the game stopped, but no one clapped as I left the field.

I was scared out of my wits the ball was gonna hit me on my next time up to bat. I stood there taking strike after strike without one swing.

Humiliated. Emasculated. Intimidated.

I decided I no longer wanted to play baseball but wanted to take piano lessons instead.

Would I have been a Major League pitcher? Maybe. Not likely. But maybe.

As career musician, did I make the right choice to take piano? Maybe. Most likely.

I loved music then. I still do.


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