Photo of an acoustic guitar hanging on a wall.
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Story by Arlton Lowry

Little Rock, AR

During the summer of 2018, I purchased this road-worn 1995 Guild acoustic off a guy in the Chinatown neighborhood of Manhattan.

At the time, I was living in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn. It was a challenging period in my life, filled with stress and anxiety due to an unfortunate situation I found myself in.

I was subletting a small ten-foot-by-twenty-foot room on Presidents Street. The room had no A/C and a single window for air and light. The bed I slept on was homemade and roughly fashioned out of two-by-fours. It had a makeshift desk at the bottom and a single-sized bed at the top.

While neither the circumstance I found myself in, nor the living situation at the time were ideal, I found comfort in the company of the worn guitar. I’m grateful for its company during that time in my life.


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